Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Heroes becoming interactive with new promostion

By going to the Primatech website and filling out a "job application," you will receive text messages from Hana( aka Wireless) in which she conveys "secret" information about the Company. Thus, while we are piecing together the mysteries of the show, so is Hana — and she's providing us with clues to boot.

According to a new NBC press release, Hana will send viewers directions about how to help her, and the fans' actions will somehow influence the next episode of "Heroes":
Starting April 9th, Hana ... will enlist fans to help with her plans to thwart Linderman's plots. The top-secret online activity will actually interact with the on-air story and will pay off in the Monday, April 23rd episode, when "Heroes" returns to the NBC lineup.
This is a cool interactive project for NBC. It's a great way to get fans more involved.

Check out the Heroes website for more info

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