Sunday, April 1, 2007

May Day Festival

My good friend John Hall Is Organizing this Festival so I thought I would spred the word. It's going to be on May 5 at 27 King William St.Hamilton, Ontario

The overall theme of the festival is to celebrate radical culture – all of those diverse groups working to change the madness of our current system in the direction of peace, equality, ecological sustainability and creative human potential. We’re very interested in this event as a way to bring together people, and organizations, that might not normally get in contact.

The event is also heavily influenced by aesthetic/ revolutionary philosophy that sees art and all kinds of spontaneous, creative expression as powerful vehicles for radical change. The goal of the street festival is to create another world for a day – a place where we can live out the possibilities normally silenced by classist, racist, militaristic and patriarchal society.

It is also going to be a damned good party as Mayday will bring us together to celebrate progressive culture and the many talents existing in our community.

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