Friday, April 6, 2007

Canada's Metro Life becoming interactive!

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Metro Life PanelCanada's largest free daily newspaper is launching Metro Life Panel, which enables two-way online communication with readers. They will express their opinions on various topics and publish the results in the next day's paper. Readers from Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto and Ottawa will participate.

Metro will also show panelists advertising creative for pre- and post-campaign testing, to determine impact, awareness and perceptions. The results - broken down locally, regionally, nationally and internationally - are to be delivered within 7 hours.

Readership of Metro's six Canadian editions stands at 846,000, according to the most recent NADbank data. Internationally, the paper is published in over 100 major cities in 20 countries across Europe, Asia and North and South America, attracting 20 million daily readers who are mostly (70%) under 45, active and well-educated.

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