Friday, March 16, 2007

Want to become a Virgin Again?

Crazy Ass Richard Brandon is at it again. He wants you to escape your current cell phone service and switch over to Virgin Mobile. to symbolize this he escaping” from a suspended cage Canadians’ new freedom to illustrate how you can now switch carriers without changing numbers.

Nathan Rosenberg, chief marketing officer for Virgin Mobile Canada, says his company pushed for the change in regulations and wanted to take quick advantage of the new rule as soon as it came into effect.

We’ve worked very hard to make sure this day came and we wanted to make sure that every Canadian knew that it was coming,” says Rosenberg.

He adds that Virgin’s approach to the rule change stands in stark contrast to its competitors. “I think there’s been a deafening silence from other carriers about number portability, because if their service isn’t good enough people are going to want to leave.”

I like my Virgin Mobile Phone. The plan is simple and they don't hassle me. In my two years with Virgin I have not have had one problem yet. I recommend it to everyone. Plus Richard is a Crazy ass guy so that should make you want to switch alone.

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