Monday, March 26, 2007

FaceBook is Huge in Canada. you no ahh!

It's like facebook is everywhere these days. Even my hippy friends have them. a article about the website here is a excerpt:
Facebook has EXPLODED in Canada in the last three months, and has become even more significant here than in the US. Facebook did not exist on the online media landscape in Canada six months ago: it was, until late September of last year, only open to members of recognized student networks (read: people with valid e-mail addresses from school that were members). Today, Facebook is the number five most visited Web site in Canada according to Alexa’s global Web metrics traffic counts (and really, Facebook is more like the number four Web brand here, as Alexa counts and as two sites).

This puts Facebook as one of the most important Web sites in Canada just after Google, MSN and Yahoo!. That’s huge, but think of it this way: Facebook gets more traffic than massively popular destinations for Canadian youth, like YouTube, MySpace, wikipedia, EBay, Blogger, Amazon, CBC, and This isn’t to say it’s still the only online game in town…MSN is still the number two Web site in Canada and easily the most significant tool for messenging. Right now, Facebook is adding more than 10,000 new Canadian users a day! And of those users, 73% of them use the site every day. From January to now, Facebook has added more than 600,000 new users, bringing the Canadian audience to more than 1.5 million uniques.
Dude Fackbook is taking over the world. I still think Twitter is going to be the next facebook.

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